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Tara Kellenbarger, a proud Encinitas native, found her true calling as a coach in 2017, driven by an immense passion for volleyball and a deep desire to give back to the sport that brought her so much joy. Seeing younger generations fulfill their dreams of playing, just as her coaches had helped her achieve her collegiate playing dream, became her mission.

Specializing in coaching middle school and high school level athletes, Tara’s coaching style is described as supportive, informative, and passionately dedicated. To her, success for any team lies in believing in and trusting one another, as well as in themselves. These values are at the core of what she instills in her athletes.

Choosing SoCal Volleyball Club was a natural fit for Tara, as she saw the wealth of opportunities and resources available to help players in their careers, and she wanted to be part of that journey, offering support just as she had received.

Among her notable coaching achievements, Tara cherishes her experience coaching abroad in Budapest, Hungary, for three weeks at a summer camp. Despite the language barrier, she was amazed to witness the unifying power of sports, transcending borders, and witnessing the enthusiasm and eagerness of the kids at the camp to learn.

When Tara takes a break from coaching, you’ll likely spot her out in the ocean surfing. Or in the kitchen, unleashing her creativity through cooking and baking delicious treats.

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