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Meet Melissa Kaylor, a passionate volleyball coach who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her coaching journey began in 1993, driven by her love for the sport and a desire to share that passion with others. As a former player, Melissa wanted to introduce volleyball to aspiring athletes so they could experience the same love and joy she found in the game.

Melissa has honed her coaching skills over the years and excels at working with middle school and high school-level athletes. Her coaching style is often described as enthusiastic, as she genuinely gets thrilled about exceptional plays on the court. However, her enthusiasm doesn’t stop there. Melissa takes immense pride in fostering growth in her players. Whether they perform a skill better than before or learn valuable lessons from their mistakes, she believes every step of progress is worth celebrating.

A strong believer in teamwork, Melissa emphasizes the significance of treating each other as a cohesive unit. She knows that the best teams evolve together, with every individual improving their abilities collectively. Instilling this team-oriented mindset in her athletes is a top priority for Melissa.

Choosing to join SoCal Volleyball Club was an easy decision for Melissa. She was drawn to the club’s focus on nurturing not only talented volleyball players but also good-hearted individuals. The club’s tagline, “Be kind,” resonated deeply with her, reflecting her own values and coaching philosophy.

Outside of coaching, Melissa finds immense joy in spending quality time with her family. Additionally, she has a penchant for delving into great books, cooking up healthy meals, and indulging in her favorite pastime of crocheting with a hook and a colorful ball of yarn close by.

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