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Raised in the scenic town of Fallbrook, San Diego, Madeline Martin ventured into coaching in 2019, driven by her determination not to let a volleyball injury deprive her of enjoying the sport she loves. Specializing in coaching high school level athletes, Madeline’s expertise shines through her supportive and constructive coaching style, earning praise from players.

According to Madeline, the foundation of a victorious team lies in mutual support, a principle she fervently imparts to her athletes. This philosophy led her to join the warm and inviting environment of SoCal Volleyball Club.

When not honing her coaching skills, you’ll find Madeline immersed in various passions. Whether engrossed in a captivating book, surfing, or curating a collection of cherished trinkets, her adventurous spirit thrives. Madeline’s creative side flourishes through the delicate art of flower pressing, adding a touch of beauty to her life outside the volleyball court.

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