We use the following criteria to assess the level and title of coaches at SoCal Volleyball Club. These criteria aren’t exhaustive, and they aren’t mere checklists. We use the criteria as a guide for having individualized discussions about career progression.

These criteria chiefly examine the scope of work someone is capable of tackling independently on a series of projects over an extended period of time (doing something well once isn’t enough to justify advancement). In addition to that assessment, we also look at the quality of the execution itself.

Level 1

  • Work is thoroughly reviewed with substantial back and forth frequently needed.
  • Knows basic fundamental skill instruction, but some game-time coaching concepts may still be unfamiliar.
  • Occasional issues drafting engaging and effective practice plans.
  • Works primarily in beginner camps, clinics, and assisting a head coach.
  • Usually less than 2 years of coaching experience.

Level 2

  • Work is reviewed with the occasional need for direction or implementation changes.
  • Fundamental skill instruction is mastered and knows basic game-time coaching strategies.
  • Works in camps, clinics, and local and travel programs.
  • Usually at least 2-5 years of coaching experience.

Level 3

  • Work doesn’t necessarily need to be reviewed, but general approach may be.
  • Fully capable of progressing team/players’ skill and volley-IQ.
  • Can provide feedback on the work of junior coaches and coaches.
  • Deep expertise in at least one specialized position, appropriate age level progressions, and game-time strategies.
  • Basic proficiency in at least one additional specialized position.
  • Capable of maintaining high member satisfaction throughout the season/program.
  • Usually at least 5-8 years of coaching experience.

Level 4

  • Work happens completely autonomously with no regular need for review.
  • Fully capable of owning and running a team and attracting 60+ players to headliner camp.
  • Helps set and maintain professional standards for the entire organization.
  • Deep, substantial expertise in multiple positions, appropriate age group progressions, and game strategy.
  • Capable of maintaining world-class member satisfaction throughout the season/program.
  • Deep expertise in a minimum of three positions, invents new concepts.
  • Usually at least 8-12 years of coaching experience.

Examples: Sherry Clouet, Angel Hinkle