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Tournament Schedule

Saturday, April 26th

12-Kristen - ASC, 8am
12-Taryn - Smack Center, 8am
12-Alli - ASC, 8am
14-Tiffany - Epic, 1:30pm
15-Aimee - ECC, 8am
15-Angelina - RSC, 8am
15-Bobbie Jo - ASC, 3pm
15-Craig - ASC, 3pm
15-Melia - RSC, 8am

Sunday, April 27th 
13-Aly - Pacific Athletic Center, 8am
13-JT - Maverick's, 8am
14-Aimee - ASC, 8am
14-Melia - RSC,8am
14-Craig - ASC, 8am
14-Nick - Smack Center, 8am
16-Alli - Epic, 1:30pm
16-Jenna - Epic, 1:30pm

Saturday, May 3rd 
12-Angel - Epic, 1:30pm
17-Amanda - Next Level, 8am
17-Aaron - Next Level, 8am
18-Doug - CSUF, 8am
18-Dave - RSC, 8am
18-Jo - ASC, 8am
18-Bobbie Jo - RSC, 8am

Sunday, May 4th
10-Tiffany - Epic, 1:30pm
12-Jenna - Epic, 1:30pm
14-Justine - Epic, 7:30am 
14-Taryn - Epic, 7:30am
16-Bjorn/Dave - TBA
16-Tom - TBA
16-Ashley - TBA
16-Angel - TBA
16-Aaron - TBA
16-Tanner - TBA

Schedules are subject to change until 5pm on Friday.

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