Meet Taylor Carlson, a dedicated volleyball coach hailing from Camas, Washington. She grew up in the vibrant community and played volleyball for her high school, the Camas Papermakers! Taylor’s coaching journey began in 2023, but her passion for guiding others in the sport started much earlier when she coached middle school girls during her time in high school.

Taylor’s love for volleyball and the challenges she faced in her own journey have driven her to become a coach. She firmly believes that a skilled and caring coach can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and she aspires to be that influential figure for her players. Having been deeply impacted by her own volleyball coaches while growing up, Taylor finds it truly special to contemplate being that person for a player now.

With considerable experience and excellence in coaching middle school level athletes, Taylor’s coaching style is described as positive, encouraging, and impactful. Her primary goal is to ensure that her players not only develop their skills but also grow as individuals, all while having fun on the court.

For Taylor, communication and trust are the cornerstones of team success. She considers these qualities as non-negotiable and endeavors to instill them in her athletes, creating an environment of teamwork, understanding, and enjoyment.

Choosing to work at SoCal Volleyball Club was an intentional decision for Taylor. The club’s missions and values of character, kindness, and community align perfectly with her desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through coaching.

Outside of coaching, you’ll find Taylor engaging in a variety of activities that bring joy to her life. She loves exercising, going for walks, spending time outdoors under the sun, hitting the beach, indulging in binge-watching Netflix shows, honing her culinary skills in the kitchen, and delving into captivating books.