Lauren Wigen hails from Apple Valley, MN and embarked on her coaching journey in 2014 with a heartfelt mission: to give back and provide young players with the same incredible experiences that shaped her own volleyball career under the guidance of amazing coaches. Specializing in coaching middle school and high school level athletes, Lauren is known for her competitive yet enjoyable coaching style.

A firm believer in the power of communication for a successful team, Lauren strives to instill this crucial skill in her athletes. It was this dedication to fostering a strong sense of community and growth that led Lauren to choose SoCal Volleyball Club as her coaching home, where the camaraderie amongst coaches, players, and parents is exceptional.

Beyond coaching, Lauren is a passionate advocate for animal welfare, running a small non-profit animal rescue out of her home, which she affectionately describes as a zoo due to the number of furry residents. In addition to her rescue work, Lauren is also involved in the biotech field. When the weekends roll around, you’ll find her at the dog beach, enjoying quality time with her beloved pup. Adding a splash of vibrant colors to life, Lauren also loves dyeing her hair in fun and creative ways.