Anilee Sher grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY and started coaching in 2023, she says she β€œgot into coaching because volleyball has given me so much throughout my years and having the ability to give back to the next generation is something so special! ” Anilee has experience and excels at coaching middle school, high school level athletes. Players describe her coaching style as energetic and disciplined! She says, β€œit will always be a safe place to learn and fail with me but always with the right energy and mindset to pursue greatness.” Anilee believes to be successful, a team must respect each other and be selfless in their roles on the team and strives to instill this perspective of the game in her athletes. Anilee chose to work at SoCal Volleyball Club because It is such an inviting and warm place to all which makes it an easy environment to get better together.

When not coaching you’ll find Anilee playing volleyball! She is pursuing a professional volleyball career! Apart from volleyball, she loves going to the beach, being with my family and friends and, traveling!