Meet Allyson Alden, a highly skilled and dedicated coach with a remarkable background in volleyball. Her journey with SoCal Volleyball Club began at the age of 14 when she joined as a player. It didn’t take long for Allyson to establish herself as a standout talent, earning a spot on the top national team for her age group as a formidable middle blocker, which she held until she turned 18.

Throughout her high school years at San Marcos, Allyson made a significant impact on the varsity volleyball team, serving as a key player for four memorable seasons. Her exceptional leadership and skills led the team to secure two CIF championship titles—an achievement that showcased her ability to excel under pressure. During her senior year, Allyson’s outstanding performance earned her the prestigious title of second team all San Diego, and she accumulated several MVP tournament accolades.

Continuing her passion for the sport, Allyson pursued higher education at San Jose State University, where she embarked on a journey playing both indoor and beach volleyball for the school. In her freshman year alone, Allyson showcased her prowess as a hitter, earning the top hitting percentage in the school’s history—a testament to her dedication and talent. Notably, she also received the well-deserved recognition of being voted player of the year for beach volleyball.

In 2021, Allyson decided to share her knowledge and love for the game by venturing into coaching at SoCal Volleyball Club. Her coaching style reflects her upbeat and encouraging nature, as she aims to motivate athletes to give their best effort while enjoying the process. Allyson’s coaching approach is marked by a strong emphasis on technical aspects of the game, allowing players to develop their skills to their fullest potential.

In addition to her work at SoCal Volleyball Club, Allyson further demonstrated her coaching prowess by contributing to the San Jose State beach volleyball program in the spring of 2023, enriching the team with her expertise and passion for the game.

Off the court, Allyson pursues her academic interests in psychology at San Jose State University, demonstrating her commitment to both personal and professional growth. With her dynamic coaching style, Allyson is committed to helping athletes reach their highest potential while fostering a positive and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.