Use the calendar below to sign up to help coach.

Then on clinic day:
Arrive 10 minutes early in SoCal apparel.
Clock in with your Camp/Clinic Coach pay rate.
Keep the kids progressing and having fun β€” Alli will provide a plan!

We also need passionate and professional people to be each clinic’s Lead Coach!

If you’re designated the Lead Coach, you’ll clock in with your “Head Coach” pay rate in exchange for taking on these responsibilities:

  • Implementing the provided clinic plan that Alli shares in Google Chat.
  • Managing court flow and staff involvement so participants have fun while being appropriately challenged.
  • Working with SoCal Admin if any operational or customer service challenges arise.

Apply to be the Lead Coach through the calendar above.

If you’re selected to be the Lead Coach, we will email you the clinic dates you’ll be running.