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Energetic, caring, and passionate are some ways players have described Mercedez coaching style.
Mercedez cares about the player’s growth in the sport as well as the emotional connection to the sport.
Some call her quirky and different, but everyone who has crossed paths with Mercedez has always left
with a smile. Mercedez fell in love with the sport of volleyball 12 years ago when she was in middle
school and continued to grow in the sport making varsity her Freshman year of high school and
continuing on varsity until her senior year. She started coaching 4 years ago after filling in for a friend,
and absolutely fell in love with helping and watching young adults fall in love with a sport that means so
much to her. Mercedez always starts and ends the practice with a smile and a laugh to keep the energy
high and the personalities strong, however, can be serious when the moment calls for it. Mercedez
brings motivation, constant focus, determination, and high energy to every practice. She will always
bring the same energy, if not more, as her players to practices and games. Mercedez chose SoCal for
their “Be Kind” motto, and to build and strengthen players.

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