We can’t make evals… what should we do?

Still RSVP online! Then email us at [email protected], letting us know your situation. This way, you’ll be on our official roster.

What will my schedule be?

Your schedule will vary based on your team assignment. We will email your schedule in the week following the player evaluations. Fall Regional teams have two 105-minute practices per week (Mon-Sun). Local Cali teams train for 90 minutes on Sundays.

We’re brand new. Can we just register for Local Cali?

We still encourage you to RSVP and come to evaluations as a free, fun day of playing! If you’d prefer to play in Local Cali, email us at [email protected] and let us know.

When and where are tournaments?

For Fall Regional Teams, your tournament schedule will vary based on your team assignment. Tournaments are played at SDVBC/Seaside (10806 Willow Ct Suite #3, San Diego, CA 92127). Potential tournament days are found here.

Optional add-on Local Cali tournaments are played at the SoCal Athletics Center (1482 La Mirada Drive, San Marcos, CA, 92078). To play in the Local Cali tournament, visit: socalvbc.com/cali

Can I request to play with a friend?

There is a section to list your preferred teammates when registering for evals. While we try our best to accommodate teammate and carpool requests, rosters are formed based on age and skill/experience level.

How much does it cost?

Tuition varies depending on the program you’re in. For program details, visit: socalvbc.com/tuition

Can I join Fall Ball if I made my school team?

If you’ve made your middle school team, you can also play in Fall Ball! If you compete at ANY level for your high school program, the CIF prohibits you from playing in simultaneous seasons (like Fall Ball). If that’s you, check out our Travel teams that start after CIF: socalvbc.com/travel-interest

When are boys, local, and travel tryouts?

Visit socalvbc.com/tryout for more information about tryouts for these programs!