In a world where attending youth sports events involves extensive travel, parking hassles, and hefty spectator fees, SoCal Volleyball Club is breaking barriers and bringing the game to your fingertips. Our video services offer a convenient way for families and college coaches to watch their favorite SoCal athletes’ practice sessions and competitions, regardless of whether they are located across town or the country.

Live Action on Facebook

With the help of a parent volunteer to live stream the games on SoCal VBC’s Facebook page (, families no longer need to worry about the escalating costs of attending games in person. By offering live streams, SoCal Volleyball Club ensures that its members can enjoy the action from the comfort of their homes. This provides a more convenient option and allows family and friends around the country to tune in and support their favorite players.

If you’d like to volunteer to livestream a tournament for your team, email [email protected], and we will set you up. A Facebook account, smartphone, and data plan is required.

Archived Games for In-Depth Analysis

SoCal Volleyball Club recognizes the importance of providing priceless video resources for members. Archived games, available at, offer on-demand viewing and sharing options. This feature is particularly beneficial for college coaches who can analyze uninterrupted gameplay, gaining insights into player skills and team dynamics.

Real-Time & Archived Practice Court Viewing

SoCal Volleyball Club also has real-time and archived practice court viewing for parents seeking convenience and peace of mind. Accessible at (Password: bekind), this service allows family and college coaches to watch player practice sessions in real time or on-demand.

Recognizing the importance of continuous improvement, SoCal VBC went the extra mile by also offering archived training sessions as a new feature this year. These sessions can be reviewed at home, allowing players to revisit and refine their skills. This feature is a valuable resource for athletes and coaches, promoting a culture of ongoing learning and development.


SoCal Volleyball Club’s commitment to providing digital solutions not only makes the sport more accessible to families but also enhances the overall experience for players, coaches, and enthusiasts. With live streams, archived games, real-time training court viewing, and on-demand training sessions, SoCal Volleyball Club sets a new standard for convenience and accessibility in club volleyball. So, grab your popcorn, login, and get ready to witness the excitement of SoCal Volleyball Club from the best seat in the house – your own!