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GroupMe Tips

To add people to the group:
Click the group’s image in the upper right, then “# Member” and “Add Members”

To leave the group:
Click the group’s image in the upper right, then “Settings” and “Leave Group”

To change your name and avatar:
From the app’s home screen, click the person icon in the lower right, then “Edit Profile”

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A video message from Aimee!

Video notes

  • The GroupMe app is to collaborate with your coach, teammates, and families!
  • Don’t contact the SoCal admin team in GroupMe because we may miss it! Contact admin by email: [email protected] or text: ‪(760) 515-3741‬
  • As an indoor team member, you save 25% off beach training! Use promo code member25 at
  • In-gym sports performance services:
  • In-gym physical therapy services:
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Holiday Schedule on Jul 04, 2022: Independence Day (No training/office closed)

The SoCal Volleyball Club gym and offices will be closed for the holiday on Jul 04, 2022.

During this time, there are no team practices, camps, clinics, or open gyms. Our member support team will not be available to answer questions, but our on-call team will be standing by if any serious issues arise (email: [email protected] or call/text: ‪(760) 515-3741‬).

 This closure does not affect scheduled tournaments or the ability to book programs online.

Your team’s specific schedule (including gym holidays) is viewable on your team page:

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Test Post

This is a test post.

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Solstice Tournament: What to expect [Video]

[CORRECTION: the 14U-18U tournament is 6/18/2022 – 6/20/2022 Saturday through Monday. Disregard the mention of Friday in the video.]

12U-13U Tournament Days: June 17, 2022-June 18, 2022 (Friday-Saturday)
14U-18U Tournament Days: June 18, 2022-June 20, 2022 (Saturday-Monday)

In this video, Aimee covers what to expect at your upcoming Solstice Tournament!
Once the tournament schedule is announced it’ll be posted on your team’s GroupMe. 

The AES links Aimee mentions in the video are:

For “Club” select: SoCal Athletics Volleyball Club

Never used AES before? Watch this video tutorial

Tournament venues:
CLAVA Volleyball Club (map)
A4 Volleyball Club (map)
Laguna Beach Volleyball Club (map)

Check your venue’s websites for gym rules, parking, and spectator fee details.

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