How to find your SCVA girls tournament/pool schedule UPDATED! (Tips & Advice 🎥)

Our Travel Teams compete in Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) tournaments.

In this video, Aimee teaches you how to find the SCVA tournament posting (pool schedule) on their website. While we’ll update the schedule on your team page, the SCVA may post last-minute schedule and location changes up to 5:00 pm the Friday before the tournament. So it’s wise to double-check their website before you hit the road! 

The SCVA website mentioned is

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How Does the Peace Cafe Honor System Work?

Everyone needs a snack or a coffee once in a while and that is why we have the Peace Cafe.  It’s a place for you to spend some time, watch what is going on in the gym, and yeah, it’s full of snacks for you to purchase.  Purchase?  But, there is never a cashier in there. Yep, you can purchase whatever is in there and it’s an honor system.  We trust you to pay the marked prices by placing money in the red box and/or paying by Venmo.  This is a project we’ve offered for years and it takes some trust on our part that the members will pay for the snacks that are taken.  Ultimately, it’s up to the members to decide if we want to continue to have this program because we only purchase items with the money we receive…so, no money…no snacks. Pretty simple economics.

It’s never been a problem and we don’t expect it will be but we just wanted to remind everyone to support this properly. Have some ideas for things you’d like to see in there?  Send us a note and we will see what we can do.

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Update for 16-Jen Placement Event on Dec 10, 2022

Date and time: Dec 10, 2022 03:00PM


Details: Venue address is 14522 Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 92606 (Check for venue rules and parking/admission fees at: Find your seeding information at:

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SCVA Tournaments: Understanding divisions, flowcharts, and tournament expectations (Tips & Advice 🎥)

In this video, Aimee explains how the SCVA league divisions and flowcharts work and what to expect at your first tournament! See the helpful links below for resources Aimee mentions in the video.

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00:00 Start
00:20 Power vs. Elite Divisions explained
01:11 Example of how the flowchart works
03:28 What to expect at SCVA tournaments (when you’ll play, competition level…)
04:49 Where do we play?
05:05 On tournament day…
06:03 Closing thoughts

Helpful links

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Reminder to pack your food item for Rudolph Rally “entry fee”🥫

Our annual food drive for the North County Food Bank kicks off at the Rudolph Rally! The “entry fee” is at least one non-perishable food item per person. See the lists below for the most needed food items.

This is also a SoCal team contest, so write your team name on your food containers. The team that donates the most items wins a dinner sponsored by SoCal Volleyball Club!

The deadline for donations is 8:00 pm Sunday, December 18th. 

Drop your non-perishable food items in the red bins in the gym!
Team contest closes in

Most Needed Food Items

Canned Chicken & Tuna
Dry & Canned Beans
Rice Nuts & Seeds
Peanut Butter
Canned Soup
Canned & Dried Fruit
Canned Vegetables
Powdered Milk
Infant Formula

Nutritional Choices

Tuna in Water
Low-Sodium Canned Beans
Brown & Wild Rice
Low-Sugar Whole Grain Cereal
Unsalted Almonds Flax Seeds
Low-Sodium & Low-Fat Canned Soup
No Sugar Added Peanut Butter
Canned Fruit in Water or Juice
Low-Sodium & No Salt Added
Canned Vegetables
Low & Nonfat Powdered Milk

The North County Food Bank cannot accept glass jars or homemade food products.

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Player & Parent Rules: Attendance policy, 24-hour rule, and chain of command (Tips & Advice 🎥)

In this video, Aimee shares important club rules and policies for parents and players.

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0:00 Start
0:09 Practice attendance policy for players
01:54 Consequences for breaking attendance policy
02:37 24-hour rule for parents
03:18 Parent rules for team practices, huddles, and meetings
03:33 Chain of command if there are playing time questions or general challenges
04:20 Closing thoughts

Email [email protected] if you have questions!

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🏆 Play Along with our NCAA Bracket Contest!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – NCAA Division 1 College Championships time!!!

Watching and learning from the very best college volleyball players in the country will absolutely make us better volleyball players and it’s just so fun to engage in these matches by filling out your own bracket and following all of the action.

The top 64 teams have just been announced, and matches start Thursday, 12/2.  Our very own University of San Diego is ranked #2 in the nation and will be so fun to follow through the tournament!

We’d love it if you participated in the bracket contest with us!  The finishers with the highest point total after the Championships will receive a SoCal prize.  Here’s how to play:

1. Visit 
2.  Create an account
3. Click “Join a Group”
4. Enter the Group Code RL233
5. Fill out your bracket all the way to the finals
6. Name your bracket

Fill out your bracket before noon on Thursday, December 1st, to participate.  Visit the NCAA Championships home page to see when and where you can watch all the action.

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