Tyler Yraceburn

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Tyler Yraceburn grew up in San Marcos and started coaching in 2022 because volleyball was a staple in his childhood that provided him with a plethora of good memories and friends, and he wants to be able to give other people the same experience. Tyler has experience and excels at coaching middle school and high school level athletes. Players describe his coaching style as fun and technical. Tyler believes to be successful, a team must be able to be on the same page and have fun together on the court and Tyler strives to instill this in his athletes. Tyler chose to work at SoCal Volleyball because it is the best club around.

When not coaching you’ll find Tyler hanging with friends at the beach.

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Abbe Lane

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Abbe Lane grew up in Oceanside and started coaching in 2023 because she loved playing volleyball so much! Coach Abbe wanted to show others what a great sport it is and how much fun and friends you can make. Abbe has experience and excels at coaching middle school level athletes. Players describe her coaching style as fun and very informative with a heavy focus on the fundamentals. Abbe believes to be successful, a team must work together and play hard, and she strives to instill this in her athletes. Abbe chose to work at SoCal Volleyball Club because SoCal played a HUGE part in her falling in love with the sport and helped her find best friends for life! She wants that for others.

When not coaching you’ll find Abbe reading, crocheting, playing with her cat, working at my restaurant and hanging out with friends. .

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Branden Buyert

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Coach Branden grew up in Chico California where he played high school and college sports. He is passionate about coaching/fitness because of his background in athletics, kinesiology degree and training in sport performance. Branden has coached middle school, high school and collegiate level athletics. Players would describe his coaching style as goal oriented, consistent and purposeful. He believes that you must set individual and team goals to constantly be working towards success. He looks to instill these accountable qualities in his athletes while still having fun playin ball! Branden chose to coach at SoCal because he has a few friend involved and hopes to make a positive impact on athletes volleyball experience.

His coaching achievements include:
Assistant CSUC MBB won a CCAA division II conference championship.
Head Freshman/Assistant Varsity PVHS MBB won two CIF State championships in 4 seasons.

When Branden isn’t coaching/working. You can find him playing beach volleyball, working out, and enjoying good food or live music.

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Taylor Carlson

Email: [email protected]

Meet Taylor Carlson, a dedicated volleyball coach hailing from Camas, Washington. She grew up in the vibrant community and played volleyball for her high school, the Camas Papermakers! Taylor’s coaching journey began in 2023, but her passion for guiding others in the sport started much earlier when she coached middle school girls during her time in high school.

Taylor’s love for volleyball and the challenges she faced in her own journey have driven her to become a coach. She firmly believes that a skilled and caring coach can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and she aspires to be that influential figure for her players. Having been deeply impacted by her own volleyball coaches while growing up, Taylor finds it truly special to contemplate being that person for a player now.

With considerable experience and excellence in coaching middle school level athletes, Taylor’s coaching style is described as positive, encouraging, and impactful. Her primary goal is to ensure that her players not only develop their skills but also grow as individuals, all while having fun on the court.

For Taylor, communication and trust are the cornerstones of team success. She considers these qualities as non-negotiable and endeavors to instill them in her athletes, creating an environment of teamwork, understanding, and enjoyment.

Choosing to work at SoCal Volleyball Club was an intentional decision for Taylor. The club’s missions and values of character, kindness, and community align perfectly with her desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through coaching.

Outside of coaching, you’ll find Taylor engaging in a variety of activities that bring joy to her life. She loves exercising, going for walks, spending time outdoors under the sun, hitting the beach, indulging in binge-watching Netflix shows, honing her culinary skills in the kitchen, and delving into captivating books.

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Melissa Kaylor

Email: [email protected]

Meet Melissa Kaylor, a passionate volleyball coach who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her coaching journey began in 1993, driven by her love for the sport and a desire to share that passion with others. As a former player, Melissa wanted to introduce volleyball to aspiring athletes so they could experience the same love and joy she found in the game.

Melissa has honed her coaching skills over the years and excels at working with middle school and high school-level athletes. Her coaching style is often described as enthusiastic, as she genuinely gets thrilled about exceptional plays on the court. However, her enthusiasm doesn’t stop there. Melissa takes immense pride in fostering growth in her players. Whether they perform a skill better than before or learn valuable lessons from their mistakes, she believes every step of progress is worth celebrating.

A strong believer in teamwork, Melissa emphasizes the significance of treating each other as a cohesive unit. She knows that the best teams evolve together, with every individual improving their abilities collectively. Instilling this team-oriented mindset in her athletes is a top priority for Melissa.

Choosing to join SoCal Volleyball Club was an easy decision for Melissa. She was drawn to the club’s focus on nurturing not only talented volleyball players but also good-hearted individuals. The club’s tagline, “Be kind,” resonated deeply with her, reflecting her own values and coaching philosophy.

Outside of coaching, Melissa finds immense joy in spending quality time with her family. Additionally, she has a penchant for delving into great books, cooking up healthy meals, and indulging in her favorite pastime of crocheting with a hook and a colorful ball of yarn close by.

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Adam Kim

Email: [email protected]

Meet Adam Kim, a native of San Diego, whose coaching journey began in 2013, and since then, has been driven by a passion for volleyball and a desire to make a difference in the lives of athletes. With over two seasons of coaching experience, Adam is committed to helping players struggling or striving to improve in the sport they love.

Specializing in coaching middle school level athletes, Adam’s coaching style has garnered praise from players for being collaborative and player-centered. He firmly believes that success on the court comes from a team that not only takes risks but also embraces open communication and feedback from one another. Encouraging hard work and dedication, Adam strives to instill these values in all his athletes, both on and off the court.

Choosing to work with SoCal Volleyball Club was a natural fit for Adam, drawn to the welcoming atmosphere that encourages growth and fosters a sense of belonging. The approachability and kindness of the coaches and staff make it an ideal place for Adam to nurture the talents of young athletes and help them reach their full potential.

Outside the coaching realm, you’ll find Adam indulging in two of his favorite passions: board games and playing volleyball at open gyms. These activities not only reflect his love for friendly competition but also highlight his dedication to staying active and fostering camaraderie in all aspects of life.

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Julian Phelps

Email: [email protected]

Julian Phelps is a passionate coach with a deep-rooted love for volleyball. Growing up in Oceanside, CA, Julian began coaching in 2014 with a strong desire to share knowledge about the sport and create opportunities for people of all backgrounds to learn and participate. For Julian, coaching is not just about improving athletic skills but also about nurturing confidence and abilities that extend beyond the game.

Julian has honed expertise in coaching athletes at various levels, including middle school, high school, and community college. Players under Julian’s guidance often describe his coaching style as intense, detail-oriented, and focused on developing essential skills.

According to Julian, successful teams rely on effective communication and unwavering commitment. Instilling these values in athletes is a key aspect of his coaching philosophy. This commitment to teamwork and communication has led Julian to work at SoCal Volleyball Club, where he has the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional staff and impart his love for volleyball to the next generation of players.

Throughout Julian’s coaching career, there have been notable achievements. Coaching the JV boys team resulted in multiple tournament finalist positions and an impressive unbeaten run in their league during a particular season. Similarly, coaching the women’s club team at Johns Hopkins led to their first-place finishes in three out of four tournaments—a significant improvement from their previous standings.

Beyond coaching, Julian enjoys spending leisure time at the beach and exploring various boba cafes. Having recently graduated from university, Julian is currently exploring the possibilities that the future holds.

Overall, Julian Phelps is an accomplished coach who is devoted to sharing the joy of volleyball and empowering athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the court.

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