Coach Sato is leading beach volleyball clinics from January 10th through March 11th at Mission Hills Church. Even if you’re dedicated to indoor volleyball, there is great value in cross-training on the beach — and Eric would know! After winning a men’s indoor volleyball Gold Medal in the 1988 Olympics, he transitioned to professional beach volleyball in the 90s. He is full of knowledge on how the beach can help your indoor game, here is one quick example.

“We love Eric!! He’s so personable and makes the class so much fun!” – Fall Beach Member

Options are available for beginner/intermediate and advanced training. This mid-January to mid-March 2022 season includes weekly training and two program-wide beach tournaments (Saturday, January 22nd, and February 26th from 8 am-1 pm) for $349. If you need schedule flexibility, clinic drop-ins are $30. Online registration is required.

Active SoCal Members save 25% on beach training. During checkout use promo code: GT25