“If I would say if anything: pick up a book. Pick up a book and learn more about yourself. There are so many great books that coaches, athletes, leaders have written. I tell you the lost art in our gym is leadership. [As coaches] We’re reading more and more books on leadership for athletes, to try to help get leaders in our gym. Look for those things that are going to help you be better.” -Deitre Collins-Parker, San Diego State University Head Coach

We asked our 2018 Coach Panel what book(s) they’d give every graduating high school athlete. Here’s the books they’d gift:

  1. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon “Is a fun, easy read and a great story.” Deitre Collins-Parker
  2. Quite Strength by Tony Dungy “Of course it’s football, but I can parallel it a lot with volleyball… Just a great, great read.” Erin Conley
  3. Legacy by James Kerr “It’s about a rugby team in New Zealand, the All Blacks. Read it.” Andrea Leonard
    (Shout out to SoCal 13s Coach Dave Faleumu, who played for the All Blacks!)
  4. The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford “Great book.” Andrea Leonard

Photo by Emily Marie on Unsplash.