Hi Everybody, Aimee here at SoCal VBC with all the news and updates from the club!

16s and 18s finished up their back to back qualifiers this passed weekend and we had so much success! 16-1, 16-2, and 18-1 finishing in gold, and 17-1 finishing and competing in silver is great. Big thank you to all that participated in our Casino Night 2017, we had about 70 people here. 12s and 13s play this weekend, be on the look out to reserve the bus. We are launching our new Sports Performance Program next week with FREE workouts. Our New Year Doubles Tournament is cancelled due to the weather, we will update you with the rescheduled date and time! I will be hosting a College Recruiting Seminar on February 5th, that will live streamed via facebook. Please make sure to post images and videos on groupme so we can get your team up on social media. Travel Picture Day is next week for all travel teams. Check your groupmes for more info. We are also starting a fundraiser with Snap!Raise, a crowd-sourcing fundraiser where we ask to provide emails for donations to your player. Some proceeds go to SoCal’s financial aid fund, but mostly to your team!

SoCal Bus Reservation: Reserve individual seats, or get 20% off when buying 12 or more seats!

New Year Beach Doubles Tournament: CANCELLED due to weather. Updated date and times will be out shortly!

Join the Local Program: Teams practice one day per week and play in Spike Fest tournaments in Poway.

Boys Middle School Boys Winter Ball: FREE evaluation and registration on Friday, January 27th 4-5:30pm.

Sports Performance Program: Work on strength and conditioning, injury prevention, plyometrics, and increasing your vertical. With the launch of this new program, we are running FREE workouts next week of Jan 23rd. Redeem your free workout today!