Hi Everybody, Aimee here at SoCal VBC with all the news and updates from the club!

14-Craig finished 3-0,  and 14-Aimee, 12-Angel, 12-Kerena, 14-Sheri&Aleese, 14-Shaina&Faith, 18-Craig/Andrea, 17-Lianne, 18-Grady all finished 2-1 this weekend. Nice job teams! 15s play this upcoming weekend. Make sure to sign up for the bus! We will not be practicing on Sunday due to Mother’s Day. We appreciate all the moms in the gym for all their support! With Nationals and Volleyball Festival coming up, make sure to plan for your give-aways in advance. The Store online has the purple collection up for Volleyball Festival. We have new collections in the Store and online; check out the new Butterfly Effect and BeKind gear.  

Boys Middle and High School Tryouts: May 10th (High School only), May 15th (High School and Middle School)

Quads Beach Tournament: Sign your team up and hit the beach May 20th at Frazee!

Summer Camps: Schedule is up online! 

The Store at SoCal Athletics: Check out the #BeKind, Butterfly Effect, and Festival collections.