We have already raised over $15,000 club wide with Snap!Raise so far. One of the biggest requests we receive each year is more team and individual fundraisers! Snap Raise is a social donation campaign that has simplified the way programs raise money for everyone involved.  Most of our high school coaches use this successfully in their programs and it has been proven successful with all of them.  Students are not having to go out and sell products, staff do not have to manage cash, track products and count them. While boosters do not have to stress over planning fundraisers, and most importantly it is a financial relief for parents.  Snap! Raise takes 22% for the use of their technology, organizing and management and SoCal Financial Aid Fund receives a 13%. This totals ~35%. The remaining 65% is divided by the team and applied to each individual player’s SoCal account.

All we ask is that each parent/guardian help their student gather 20 or more email addresses of their biggest fans. Your contacts are strictly private and protected.

Snap Fact Overview:

  1.  Safe and Protected– Snap! Raise is the safest online donation platform available. All data is private and never redistributed.
  2. Online donation platform – Reach potential donors via email, social media, and text to ask them to support your program and visit the page. Where they can seamlessly donate.(Think donation letter but we reach a lot more people and much easier for them to support)
  3. Email Strategy- all supporters will receive a receipt for their gift that is tax deductible, included with a personalized thank you from the student. There are three reminder emails sent to donors, with an option to  unsubscribe.
  4. Reverse Flow– Snap’s platform and process is what makes their campaigns so successful. It allows an extensive reach across communities by providing options to connect with multiple donors and their social networks, maximizing our raising efforts.

Example of e-mail list here.

For any questions, please e-mail Daniel at [email protected]snapraise.com.
FAQ: https://snap-raise.com/faq

Here are the links to all our current campaigns: