This Month: Guide to Videoing Volleyball Matches​

1. Use a tripod. If a coach opens up a video and it’s shaking all over the place, they will immediately turn it off. This makes coaches dizzy! If a tripod is not available, you will need to have a stable platform that the camera can rest on without any movement.

2. Do not follow the ball or the player around the court. Following the play seems like a good idea, but in doing so you are not capturing what is happening on the other side of the net or what your teammates are doing. Again, coaches need a full court perspective! Hit the record button once you have the full-court perspective and simply back away from the camera.

3. If possible, set up your camera in the middle of the court behind the side of the court the player is on. When the player switches sides, so should the videographer. If you simply can’t get behind the court (this can be difficult at large club tournaments or in small gyms) then off to the side on a 45 degree angle is the second, but less desirable angle to shoot from. For better player identification, zoom in as close as possible to the court; maintain the end line and the antennas as your guide. (Antennas should be shown).

4. If you are shooting from a 45 degree angle, shoot from the corner the line judge is NOT standing on.

5. Keep cheering (and outbursts) at a minimum. Most of the time coaches will watch video on mute, but if not they don’t need to hear your commentary. Some cheering has been known to de-stabilize your tripod or mounted platform in certain situations.

6. Raise the tripod high enough so you can see both sides of the net, if possible.

7. Watch for flying balls! They somehow always seem to be attracted to expensive cameras!

8. This is a suggestion, not a necessity – pause the filming to exclude down time including ball shagging, time outs, and time in-between games. Know that many coaches prefer to see action that is uninterrupted.

9. Pick matches against the best competition you faced. This gives coaches the opportunity to evaluate you in comparison to other strong players.

Guide to making a Skills Video

Did you know?

What is considered contact with a college coach?

A contact occurs any time a college coach says more than hello during a face-to-face contact with a college-bound student-athlete or his or her parents off the college’s campus.

SoCal College Recruiting Knowledgebase

Straight from the Coach’s Mouth

“Coaches want to see not only the result of the skill, but how well an athlete moves, so stopping the play right before a skill is executed hinders a coach’s ability to truly assess that player’s potential.

Recruiting videos do not have to be a fancy production. The best recruiting videos include accurate highlights according to the player’s position, are posted to YouTube or Vimeo (or similar website), and sent in a personalized email. If a 6’1 middle who touches 10’3 starts her video with passing and digging reps, a lot of coaches won’t continue watching if they don’t know those stats.  Like a good book captures the reader’s attention from the first line, a recruiting video should capture a coach’s attention from the first clip.” — Luke Maloney, former Assistant Coach Stephen F. Austin University

Sending Letters & Emails to Coaches

Recruiting Timeline – You Should Be Doing This

Freshman – Research 2-3 schools per week
Sophomore – Film your highlight tape
Junior – Ask coaches where you stand on their recruits list
Senior – Apply to the schools- applications.

*Remember that standouts are proactive, it’s never too early for YOU to write a letter or make a call to coaches.

SoCal College Recruiting Timeline

Have you heard of…

There are so many schools you’ve never heard of.  Here’s one, Seattle Pacific Univeristy…a DII school in Washington.


Seattle Pacific University

3307 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98119

Coach: Abbie Wright | [email protected] | Phone: 206-281-2263 | Private School | Falcons | In-state Tuition: $38000 | Out-of-state Tuition: NA | Academic Rigor: 5 | School Website: | School Phone: 206-281-2000 | Conference: Great Northwest Athletic

Link to website.
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That’s it for this month

We do not know of any program in our region providing this type of access.  Need some help getting started? Contact me and I’ll be sure put you on the right track.

See you in the gym!!!

Aimee Asebroek