What Can You Do?
If you want to give back, but need ideas, this post is for you.


Did you know you can easily help a non-profit at least once a week? 

We’ve already done incredible acts of kindness supporting charities like the North County Food Bank and Casa de Amparo, but the club itself is often overlooked as a charitable non-profit. In fact, this season SoCal Athletics, Inc. has pledged over $133,700 to help children from low-income families participate in life-changing youth athletics. This gives you the opportunity to improve your community every time you come to practice.


But how?
Think of the SoCal Athletics Center as your home away from home. And as with any household, there’s always a need for help around the house:


Your Office – The Front Office
Let’s get right out and say it, paying tuition on time is important for this household. SoCal is providing you an extraordinary service, and needs money to cover overhead, coaches pay, tournament entry fees etc. If you don’t do your part, it’ll all cease to function. Please pay your monthly tuition through your MINDBODY account or visit Patricia at the front desk.

In addition, you can organize donations, fundraisers, and advertisers for the club. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable fundraising and donations are tax deductible. Generously raising funds for the club is the highest compliment you can give. Email Marla with your ideas at: [email protected]


Your Living Room – The Seating Areas
Studies find untidy rooms cause emotional distress. So if you notice an unkept area, don’t hesitate to push-in chairs, clean off tables, dispose or recycle trash, empty full cans, clean the cubby holes, touchup chipped paint, or even grab a vacuum. It’ll make you feel better, us feel better, and the next members to enjoy the area feel better. It’s a triple-kindness-whammy! Reach out to Craig, [email protected], for paint or help with the vacuum.


Your Family Room – The Courts
We hold weekly family meetings and model good behavior for our kids here, so this space needs to be safe and supportive. If the floors are slippery, step-up and sweep. If balls are escaping into the parking lot, help shag. If your dining room table’s leg is wobbly, you’d fix it — please help us keep the courts secure too.


Your Kitchen – The Peace Cafe
A clean, well-stocked kitchen is essential for one active teenager, imagine a home with over 300! If you notice a low-stocked vending machine or maybe some “unique” smells coming from the fridge, please help restock, or throw it out. No one likes finding a raw Thanksgiving turkey stowed in an unplugged freezer, in March. True story.


Your Bathroom – Yes, Even the Bathrooms
Remember those 300 teenagers, realize 95% of them are young women. Now you understand the importance of our bathrooms. Even if you didn’t cause the mess, please help keep the bathrooms clean and restock any low supplies. We especially need help during and after tournaments.


Your Wardrobe – The TrendSetters Store
Love fashion, organizing, or have experience selling merchandise? Colleen is always looking for help in the TrendSetters Store. She needs volunteers to help with production, managing inventory, and sales (especially Saturdays 11:00am to 3:00pm and Wednesdays 3:30-5:30). To help, email her at: [email protected]


Your Family Album – Social Media
We’re all family, and we wanna brag about your kid too! Please tag us @socalvbc in your Instagram photos, share your SoCal experience on our Facebook page facebook.com/socalvbc — even add our Media Manager Karina, [email protected], to your Shufferfly group. We’re doing incredible things together, help spread the word!