SAN MARCOS, CA — SoCal Volleyball Club has teamed up with ClipCast, the latest innovation in mobile apps taking aggressive aim at raising the bar in social video content. ClipCast’s simple, yet powerful creative content solution enables everyone in the organization and beyond to create, edit and share multi-angle video highlights straight from their smartphone within minutes. And that’s not all.

Unlike other social apps available in today’s marketplace (e.g. Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live) that feature a flat, one dimensional, “selfie” experience, ClipCast recognized an opportunity to introduce community-created, multi-POV video content and share them together as one viewing experience. The core of the ClipCast experience is what makes it so compelling; bringing people together to capture and share one another’s stories.

“The ClipCast experience raises the bar. We’ve seen the rise of other content-driven communities but evolving the traditionally flat experience to multi-dimensional, hasn’t existed until now. As an example, recording, editing and sharing college recruiting videos has always been a daunting task for prep recruits. We had been searching for effective college recruiting video solutions for years,” says Scott Phillips, SoCal Athletics President. “We hand-selected ClipCast to be our sole video technology partner, because their platform is easy to use, it integrates with our My SoCal portal, and it provides the capabilities we had not found anywhere else—that’s what our members need and deserve.”  

The free app is available in the U.S. and accessible on iOS today with a scheduled release for Android devices coming this October. ClipCast provides a framework including cloud based infrastructure and streamlined video capture, editing and sharing capabilities. More importantly, the app was intentionally designed and optimized to serve the needs of its users. The app features adaptive tagging controls at their fingertips specific to team sports and beyond.

SoCal teams and members will be able to use the ClipCast mobile app to capture and tag multi-angle video and highlight clips during practices, lessons, and games. Additionally, the SoCal San Marcos location is officially “ClipCast-enabled.” The seamless integration affords users the opportunity to tap into video feeds from fixed cameras permanently installed on each court in addition to the vantage points they can capture using their smartphones.  

“We are thrilled to be working with Scott and his team at SoCal,” explains Manuel Jaime, CEO and co-founder of ClipCast. “Scott is reinforcing the club’s commitment to delivering world-class solutions to its members. SoCal coaches, parents, and players will now have access to our cutting edge platform that brings athletes, fans and communities together. We’re elevating the game as we enable you to see and experience a single moment from multiple vantage points. One attempt, one take – spawns countless stories and those are the stories that will stand out.”

“Our partnership with ClipCast gives us a stronger sense of purpose and the ability to celebrate the hard work every athlete puts in on a daily basis,” says Scott Phillips.  “We’ll continue to build on the effectiveness of our program with the dedicated team at ClipCast.”

“The shared vision is a testament to our commitment toward not only the immediate community at SoCal Volleyball, but storytellers from all walks of life,” says Manuel Jaime. “The people and culture behind the organization make this collaboration invaluable and it serves as a model for future partnerships.”

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