One of the most difficult, expensive and time consuming challenges facing SoCal members was addressed last weekend in Las Vegas at the Las Vega Classic.  Video collection, editing and distribution is the single most daunting issues facing parents when attending volleyball events for college recruiting.  ClipCast takes advantage of the ubiquity of high quality cameras built into smart phones and the inherent networking capability that allows other people to take advantage of those cameras without interfering with their ability to enjoy watching the game.  Once logged into the service, members can view the match and tag videos they would like in their account from the comfort of their seat.


SoCal has teamed up with ClipCast and rolled out an extensive test with four teams while attending the college showcase tournament over President’s Day weekend and the results were outstanding.  Over the weekend, SoCal used the system with the following results:


  • 33 matches total (each team had 8, except GU18 Kirby with 9)
  • Unique tags
    • 1,852 total
    • Ave per match – 56
  • Clips
    • 2,182 total
    • Ave per match – 66
  • Users
    • Ave camera angles per match – 1.5
    • Ave taggers per match – 4.8

By Team

GU16 Mary Jo GU18 Andrea GU18 Melia GU18 Kirby
Parent Invites 14 15 15 14
Parent Accounts 7 7 8 10
Player Accounts 3 2 1 2
Ave tags/match 64.5 45.8 44.3 68.4
Ave clips/match 78.4 76.1 43.0 66.9
Ave camera angles/match 2.1 1.6 1.0 1.3
Ave taggers/match 7.5 2.9 2.0 6.7

SoCal plans to roll out this service to all of their members and use for college recruiting, training and allow the members a single, simple repository for their video collection of their child.