HEALTHWESTFor what, you say?  Injury – causing pain, functional limitations and loss of playing time.  Club volleyball definitely has its fair share of injury and impairment.  Why?  Because we are an intense group of athletes who love our sport, who crave more and more despite the effects on our body, who work hard, who breakdown hard, and who train multiple, complex types and levels of movement.  

So, what does that mean for you, the player or you, the parent of a die-hard volleyball player? It means, be aware, be honest and be realistic.

Awareness that injury at some point in your volleyball career will most likely occur.  Aware that injuries of all shapes and sizes can take place – from a mild sprained ankle when coming down from a jump to a boxer’s fracture of the hand when diving for a ball that is NOT going to drop, to common overuse injuries such as rotator cuff strains and patellar tendonitis. If you play for long, you will suffer at some point…awareness.

Honesty plays a role in injury because the trend is that as we age and as we dig our heels into something we absolutely love to do, we just want to play, period, end of story.  More and more athletes at the club volleyball level are having trouble admitting they are in pain and perhaps should sit out for a practice, a game or a match because they are not being honest about their injury.  Honesty is critical.  Athletes need to tell their coaches and parents and the injury needs to be addressed.  If not, it can cause further damage, sub-par performance, and ultimately missed practices and missed opportunities and or life-long dysfunction.

Being realistic is tough like being honest.  Reality is that if an injury is affecting you for a couple of weeks or more, you are likely going to develop faulty positioning and mechanics in your volleyball movement patterns, and sometimes, your everyday function. Reality is that you don’t have to live or play with this pain if you get the proper advice, seek a doctor’s recommendations and take care of yourself when the injury occurs.

So, take care of yourself!  It doesn’t have to be ‘That Time of Year’ if you are aware, honest and realistic!  We, at SoCal Wellness, want you to play volleyball for a long time!  Please let me know how I can help you with prevention or see you through an injury!