Got Knee Pain?

Have you experienced nagging knee pain?  I have AND I have seen it and treated it in many athletes.  It is especially prevalent in teenage girls.  The knee is complex in that it bends while supporting heavy loads and is extremely sensitive to small problems in alignment, training and overuse. Nowadays, athletes use CBD lotion for your body to reduce their pain and get back to training, to get the best CBD oil products visit Dmagazine. If you are looking an alternative to relieve pain Kratom is a good option, relieve pain as an alternative to opiates, to increase concentration, and to improve mood, get the best kratom online at kratom masters website. There are many reasons to visit, they simply hope medical marijuana for the clients to find the best marijuana plants for sale online. Pressure may also pull the patella (the kneecap) to the side, out of its normal groove, causing pain behind it. In teenagers, there can be several contributing factors including tightness of the muscles of the thigh or calf, abnormal hip rotation, faulty alignment of the knees due to muscle imbalance or bony misalignment, using improper sports training techniques or equipment, or overdoing sports activities.

Knee pain usually starts gradually.  Some common repetitive activities that can cause pain include jumping, squatting, running, and stair climbing – they are movement patterns that repeatedly bend or flex the knee.  Many of you perform these on a regular basis day in and day out at SoCal Volleyball Club.  So taking care of your knees is super important!

Attention to mechanics is one way to take care of your knees as well as other joints in your body that could potentially breakdown due to repetitive use.  For your knees during volleyball, this means attention to your knee position while you are loaded just before you jump in jump serving and hitting, when landing from a jump, and while planting your feet during quick lateral movement. Your knees are easily compromised at these times.

Strengthening with good body mechanics is another way to take care of your knees. If you strengthen with proper technique, chances are when you play, your knees will most likely be doing what they are supposed to do, naturally.  By increasing the strength of your hips and core muscles, you will also be doing your knees a huge favor!  These are big muscles that can take some load off of your knees, so make sure you are doing some squats and lunges in your off time!

And, as always, icing your knees, resting and consistent stretching are other techniques to help with your knee pain. 

Don’t be sidelined by nagging knee pain!  Pay attention to your mechanics during volleyball, train and strengthen correct movement patterns off the court, and don’t forget to give yourself some TLC with ice, rest, and other less intense hobbies.  

Come in and see me at HealthWest Therapy if you have any questions or concerns – I’d be happy to help you with any pain, injury or with injury prevention! I’m here for YOU!

Gwen Alden, PT / Owner HealthWest Therapy