With the new club season amongst us, we have added a new exciting feature at SoCal! You can now opt-in to the beach program as a SoCal Beach Member without breaking the bank or over booking yourself. We believe you can do both and should do both, here is why!

Why are volleyball players playing beach?

    • Beach is fun!
      The culture of the sport is one that is fun and happy! The beach volleyball community is positive and inviting. The beauty of being outside, especially where we live in Southern California isn’t so bad either!
    • Beach Volleyball is the quickest growing NCAA sport in the country!
      Beach volleyball for junior girls is exploding in popularity due to its popularity in the Olympics and due to the new scholarships being offered at many colleges and universities. The sport became an official NCAA sport just last season after a progression to NCAA status that started around 5 years ago. In 2020, the number of schools participating could be beyond 100!
      Current Participating Schools and Schools in the Process of Participation
    • You play 100% of the time:
      Playing time is not an issue here! You have a team of two, in a two person sport, so you play 100% of the time and touch the ball on almost every single every play. That’s a lot of playing and reps!
    • Beach improves your indoor game:
      The advantage of playing beach volleyball is that a player must be able to perform every skill. To be successful at beach volleyball a player must be able to pass, set, hit, serve, and play defense.  It allows players to develop skills that they may not have as much of a chance to practice indoor (i.e middles passing, setters and liberos hitting etc.). It also requires players to cover more of the court on serve receive and on defense and this teaches players to read the hitter and have exceptional ball control.
    • Beach will improve your physical strength, vertical, agility and fitness:
      Moving in the sand and jumping in the sand is much more difficult than in indoor, so playing beach volleyball and training in the sand can help you develop a stronger jump and make you quicker on defense because you’re under constant resistance in the sand.
    • Beach helps you build your college recruiting resume:
      If a university or college has a beach team and an athlete receives an indoor scholarship, under current NCAA rules, the player is eligible to participate on the beach team and anyone with beach experience is a huge asset. This will allow the beach coach to use an indoor player without using a sand scholarship.  If a college coach has to choose between two athletes and one has beach experience, they are going to be a more valuable recruit. Beach training will improve your indoor resume. Don’t forget, there are scholarships for girls to just play beach as well!
    • Flexibility:
      Players choose their own partner, when they train and when they compete. Customize your schedule and dedicate as much time as you want!
    • You can do BOTH indoor and outdoor!

There are no rules that don’t allow participation in both. The improvement in your overall game, advantages and opportunities are undeniable. Each individual athlete can decide for her of himself if they want to dedicate exclusively to one or the other!

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