Gym Location & Playing Schedule

  • All tournaments are played at Epic Volleyball Club in Poway 13955 Stowe Drive, Poway 92064
  • The pool schedule is posted online the week of the tournament at > Play Schedule > Date of the Tournament
    e’ll post tournament details on our website and team GroupMe too)
  • Tournaments begin at 7:30am or 1:30pm. Your coach will let you know what time to arrive at Epic (typically 45-minutes before first game).
  • Your play schedule depends on your seed.
  • Each match will be about 45 minutes. The first two sets are played to 25 points, and if necessary, a tiebreaker set is played to 15 points.
  • The entire Spike-Fest tournament will be around 5 hours.

Understanding Your Pool Schedule

Spike-Fest Four Team Pool

Figure 1. Spike-Fest Tournament Pool

Figure 1 is an example of a Spike-Fest four team pool.
Notice SoCal 14 Angel is the 3rd seed.

The following is the play schedule for a four team pool:

1 vs 3 (2 refs)
2 vs 4 (1 refs)
1 vs 4 (3 refs)
2 vs 3 (1 refs)
3 vs 4 (2 refs)
1 vs 2 (4 refs)

Therefore, according to the chart above, SoCal 14 Angel would play, sit, ref, play, play, sit. 

What to do when you’re off

Tournament down-time is great for player and family bonding. Teams usually have a “camp” outside the gym and sit together sharing food and company. This is typically arranged by an elected “Team Parent” who coordinates food, drinks, tables and EZ-up responsibilities. There is also usually a snack bar open on-site. Please review and follow Epic’s Gym Rules for camping and gym safety.

And there you have it! Spike-Fest tournaments are fun and encouraging, and players have many chances to play, make mistakes, learn, succeed and grow.

We hope you love it!

If you have any questions about the Local Program, please don’t hesitate to ask. Sherry Clouet our Local Program Coordinator is a wonderful resource at [email protected].