aimeesblogphotoI would like to believe that at SoCal, we GET girls, like, we really get them.  We get what it’s like to be a female student athlete, in its beautiful days, and in its really ugly ones, and we know that the span between the two is vast and full of every emotion on the spectrum.  We know that your lives are FULL.  You are a student with a heavy load, you are a friend to many, with a full social schedule, you are a family member, you sing, you go to church, you play guitar, you volunteer- your days are brimming over with activity.  You have constant pressure,- and sometimes it nearly breaks you, because you are not perfect.  Don’t worry, we still think you’re awesome.

Volleyball is here for you, ladies.

We have the most incredible women in our staff.  We have women that are REAL- women that understand other women.  We have women that are olympians, hall-of-famers, college coaches, and high school varsity coaches– but if you asked them who they are, they wouldn’t define themselves by any of those labels.  They would tell you how they play native american flute and guitar, how they sing karaoke, how they love NFL football and how they adore teaching and mentoring young women that were at one point, just like them.

We understand you girls, because we are you.

100000111_largeSo, get in the gym and get some face-time with the brilliant women of SoCal.  In fact, get in here as much as you possibly can and start hanging out with us.  Unlike any other program in Southern California, we offer the “SoCal Pro-Series”, an opportunity for you to train privately, or in small groups with our volleyball professionals both indoor and on the beach.  You can do this every week, and you should.  And, we don’t use the word “professional” lightly.  Karolyn Kirby (resident Olympian, Hall-of-Famer, and overall superwoman), is committed to developing every level of volleyball player.

We are excited about our women at SoCal.  We don’t look at them as JUST volleyball coaches, the same way we don’t look at you as just a volleyball player.  There is SO much more to you and we want to see you excel in everything you do.  Act, sing, play an instrument, volunteer in your community, and play volleyball.  You can rely on our extraordinary women to hear you, encourage you, and help you grow.