1187040_10101941002407471_2137685022_nOne of the best parts of running SoCal is that we get to impart pieces of our outlook on life into the personality of the program…#BeKind, Orchard’s Edge, food banks, women and children programs, Peace Cafe, food sharing, commitment to higher education, world travel and, yes, sometimes our VW buses make an appearance. They are all elements of our life,  important ones.  Sharing these ideas in our program is one of the great joys of being here and seeing it resonate with families is the reward.  We view this outlook as “Living Congruently.”  That is to say, how we run the club, how we represent ourselves online, in print, or in the flesh is always with the same values.  It’s quite easy to put on a “social network facade” but once people find out that, maybe, you aren’t the same in person as you are online, then, you are not congruent.   This requires alignment.

“Alignment comes down to working on these four questions until they all produce the same answer:

  • What do you want to do? (desire)
  • What can you do? (ability)
  • What should you do? (purpose)
  • What must you do? (need)

When these four areas are aligned, motivation occurs automatically. Thought and action are automatically balanced because you are living your purpose consciously. You won’t feel like you should be thinking when you’re acting or acting when you’re thinking. The line between thought and action will disappear. Being and doing will become the same thing.”  Steve Pavlina

Bekind hash tag finalSoCal tries to be highly aligned in our mission of “serving the community in which we exist” by participating. You know…”showing up.” This means that when the North County Food Bank needs food at holiday time, we provide an outlet for our members to fill their larders.  When Casa de Amparo reaches out to us to provide programs for their youth or to give every child in their shelter a Christmas, we show up and, most importantly, with you. We give our membership a vehicle that runs on good will, kind acts and hard work.  It’s an important lesson that we give to our own children and share with all of the children in this program.  “Showing up” is getting harder and harder in this virtual age of instant gratification because it takes sacrifice, planning and, also, a willingness to drop your priority for someone else’s.  There are a hundred reasons why we can’t help or can’t go or can’t participate and maybe only one or two reason why we can.  You have to strongly consider the “can” above all else or, well, you can’t and won’t…almost every time.

So, we show up…almost all the time…and support the answers to these question:

  • What do we want to do?  Help families develop smart, independent, critical thinking young adults.
  • What can we do? Show up and organize this program to teach character through kind acts.
  • What should we do? Provide an environment where the community takes time to reach out to any family that needs help and support in the development of a child.
  • What must we do? We are doing it.

If you’ve been in the club for awhile, you already know these values are important to us.  If you are new…welcome to SoCal.