imageLong time SoCal member Chloe Evering has committed to the University of Albany in upstate New York to continue her playing career in 2016.  Beginning at SoCal in the Local Program at age 9, Chloe is a poster child for our program and one we are very proud of.
IMG_0206Not a vocal leader in her early playing days, she has become one and has been a member of some watermark teams at SoCal.  Winning our first post-season tournament at the SCVA Summer Soiree in 2013, Chloe most recently led the club to its first outright Junior Olympic bid to compete in New Orleans this past year.

Chloe is a fierce competitor but a humble, soft spoken individual and outstanding student that has been coached by long-time SoCal coaches Angel Hinkle, JT Ragan, Aimee Asebroek and Doug Wright.  She has taken a little from each one of them and made a lasting impression on the club.  We look forward to hanging her banner in our rafters, watching her compete for us in her final club season and follow here throughout her collegiate career.  University of Albany is getting a great community (2)