Individual Tax Deductible Fundraising Program - GoFundMe

One of our major projects this year has been to find better ways to support our member’s with financial aid options that take advantage of our 501(c)3 not-for-profit status.  We also recognize that club volleyball is expensive and that often, the best source of support for your daughter can be found in your family’s business relationships, extended family and close friends.  Most of these groups would be interested in helping her by making a tax deductible donation.  So, we teamed up with an organization called GoFundMeIt’s so simple…you just ask.

GoFundMe is company that specializes in individual fundraising…in this case, raising funds for tuition.  Our relationship with them offers a turn-key approach to your daughter raising money by sharing her GoFundMe page with your businesses associates, friends and families that you know might be willing to support her.  We know that extended families are geographically spread out and while they cannot always participate in your daughter’s activities they may love to to support her financially when they have the opportunity…and they probably do not need any more candy, cookie dough or wrapping paper. Whether you use this program or not, is completely up to you.

How do you start?  We will create a page like the one below for every member.  You can simply email this page to your contacts and they will be able to make donations immediately.  However, the sharing and customizing tool of the service allow you to better manage this by sharing with email lists you already have (gmail, yahoo, etc.), adding it to your Facebook page and customizing the message that we placed there.  You can also see who has made donations, send updates to contacts and thank you notes for donations that are made.

We will have placed a default amount to raise in the program based on the total amount of the program that your daughter enrolls in.  You can change this and many of the elements of the page from the simple tools they provide.  Here’s a tour of the service… All donations made on your daughter's behalf are automatically deposited to SoCal’s PayPal account and credited to her.

We hope you find this tool valuable.

SoCal Athletics, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.  Tax ID #74-3081162

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